Sensing and Control Components

As a leading supplier of control equipment for the manufacturing industry, Omron Asia Pacific's Industrial Business Group provides a wide spectrum of equipment ranging from factory automation (FA) controllers to sensors, switches, relays and safety equipment that meet some 100,000 specifications and support innovation in 'monozukuri' (the art of product creation) and productivity improvement in all types of production operations.

Omron products can be found in both consumer products and commercial applications. Omron relays and switches play an important role in the operation of household appliances, automobiles and machinery. Temperature control devices ensure the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning devices as well as monitor annealing ovens on manufacturing lines. Sensors and programmable controllers automate control on manufacturing lines. For all these products, Omron works with customers to create effective, cost-efficient solutions.

Innovation is a key operational function at Omron


Advanced Automation Solutions

The Industrial Business Group uniquely combines its full range of control components with the application know how and support necessary to build and maintain sophisticated automation systems. In manufacturing, benefits span all facets of the production process, including inventory and production control, communication networks, discrete manufacturing, quality control and integration, plant wide management and distributed information and control systems. From advanced products like machine vision systems to innovative fuzzy logic based temperature control, Omron supplies a wealth of technology and experience to factories in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world.

Omron is also dedicated to meeting automation needs outside the manufacturing industry. In fields such as building control, waste management and automated baggage distribution in airports, Omron works closely with customers to create advanced automation systems.