Module 4 ngõ vào tốc độ cao cho PLC Omron CQM1H

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High-speed Counter Pulse Inputs 1 to 4
The High-speed Counter Board counts high-speed pulses from 50 to 500 kHz
entering through ports 1 to 4, and performs tasks according to the number of
pulses counted.
Input Modes
The following three Input Modes are available:
• Differential Phase Mode (1x/2x/4x)
• Up/Down Mode
• Pulse/Direction Mode
Comparison Operation
When the PV (present value) of the high-speed counter matches a specified
target value or lies within a specified range, the bit pattern specified in the
comparison table is stored in internal output bits and external output bits. A bit
pattern can be set for each comparison result, and the external output bits can
be output through an external output terminal as described below.
External Outputs
Up to four external outputs can be produced when either the target value is
matched or a range comparison condition is satisfied.


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